13 Signs and Symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease You May Have Missed

4. Mood and agitation swings

Anxiety and agitation are common conditions among those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Agitation is a problem that is associated with conditions like fatigue, confusion, feeling overwhelmed and fear of trying to make sense out of a senseless universe. On the other hand, one may develop anxiety due to moving to a nursing home and other conditions related to agitation. When one develops either agitation or anxiety, he/she will always get fixed on given details or issues, move around and pace constantly, and finding yourself becoming upset in different places. Apart from agitation, anyone who has an unprovoked and rapid mood swings also shows that one has developed Alzheimer’s and dementia. Such people may easily change from a joyful mood to being angry within the shortest possible time without any apparent reason. These are other common signs of one who has developed Alzheimer’s or dementia. Seeking an immediate medication when such conditions are noticed is highly advisable.