4 Massive Home Remedies for Your Cat

4. Not On My Turf

Kitties can be very territorial; some are always looking for an excuse to start a fight. While minor scratches or scrapes don’t warrant an expensive trip to the vet, you should play nurse and tend the wounds (nurse uniform is purely optional). Cleanse the wounds with either diluted baby shampoo or a simple saline solution. You can make your own saline solution from salt and water, or use a first-aid saline solution available at any pharmacy. You might also want to trim the fur around the wound and can keep an eye out for any possible inflammation or infection. If that should occur, contact your vet immediately.

Now you are prepared to try out some of the most popular home remedies on your cat. As always, research the holistic treatment before you begin. And when in doubt, or if your cat shows little or no improvement, take your kitty to see the vet.

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