5 Reasons You Are Getting Sick Way More Often Than You Should


You have an incredible body.

Not only is it built with a heart that beats for decades, a skeletal system that can heal and regrow itself, a mind so complex that we don’t even fully understand how it works and emotions and hormones that help you experience life to the fullest… but you also have a powerful immune system that’s sole purpose is to strengthen and protect you from illness and disease.

Despite all this, however, you may still sometimes get sick. But are you getting sick every other month? Or more often? Are you getting sick despite constantly washing your hands and eating well and exercising?

There are many factors that can contribute to you getting ill.

When you get sick, ask yourself which of these (or if several of them) may be the problem. If you find your answer here, take it as good news! These are ALL things that YOU have control over.

HERE Is The 5 Reasons You are Getting Sick: