5 Reasons You Are Getting Sick Way More Often Than You Should

4- Conflict

Studies have shown that conflict can be a cause of sickness. Your body, in response to a large or stressful conflict, can sometimes become more susceptible to illnesses like the common cold.

Conflict with another person or circumstance can take a lot of energy. According to researchers,

“The common cold is linked to a ‘stink conflict,’ which can be experienced in real terms, but also figuratively as ‘This situation stinks!’ or ‘I’ve had it!’

“During the conflict-active phase the nasal membrane lining widens through ulceration, which is usually not noticed. In the healing phase, however, when the nasal tissue is being repaired, the nasal membrane swells up.

“A runny nose (healing always occurs in a fluid environment), headaches, tiredness, an elevated temperature or fever are all typical signs of a vagotonic healing process. If the cold symptoms are more severe, then this is commonly called the ‘flu.’”

The Solution: Finding resolution from a conflict is one of the surest ways to start healing. If resolution with the person with whom the conflict happened is impossible, resolution within oneself and releasing attachment to the situation is the next step.