9 Things To Do When You’re Not Attracted To Your Husband Anymore

1. Learn your love languages

You might not be feeling attracted to your spouse simply because you aren’t feeling loved by him. This doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love you anymore, but it may mean he isn’t expressing it in a way that allows you to feel it. Learn what your love language is and communicate it to your husband. That way he knows that reaching for your hand is a better expression of love for you personally than bringing you a bouquet of flowers.

2. Stop expecting him to meet all your needs

    Even though you’re one person, you have a lot of varied needs. But your husband is one person as well and that means he doesn’t have the ability to meet all those needs. Your friends, kids and other family members all play significant roles in your life and fill needs that your husband can’t. Relieving yourself (and your husband) of that expectation will allow you to focus on the ways he does meet your needs, which will revive your attraction.