6 Sneaky Foods That Beat Bloating and Flatten Your Stomach


It’s finally fall, which means it is time to get excited to pull out our autumn scarves and slip back into our skinny jeans. But just when you thought you were safe (“Phew! The pressure of bikini season is over!”), there is a chance that as you tried to zip up your jeans, you came in contact with an uncomfortable obstacle – bloating.

We’ve all experienced it – that sensation of fullness and swelling in the abdomen. This feeling is not only physically uncomfortable but also may affect our mood and self-esteem. So why does it happen and how can we stop it?

We all will experience bloating from time to time. Often caused by natural processes during digestion, bloating is typically triggered by the accumulation of fluid or production of gas in the body. However, bloating is not always caused by too much gas, but rather, how the body handles that gas.

Now for the good news: The occasional puff up can be reduced through some wise food choices and lifestyle changes. To ward off the inflation, try these bloat-blocking foods to feel like yourself again.

Here is The 6 Foods:

Burn Fat, Lose Weight With These Powerful Easy, Simple Recipes


Autumn is a dangerous time for weight gain. As the weather turns cool, we turn towards heavier comfort foods. Chilly winds and rainy days make going outside to exercise less than enticing, and all of the sudden our gyms and yoga studios feel oh-so-far-away.

To combat autumn weight gain, try these seasonal recipes, full of fiber, protein, and healthy carbs, known to burn fat, boost metabolism, and ultimately lead to weight loss.


Broccoli and Feta Omelette with Whole Grain Toast (Health.com)

1 cup chopped broccoli
2 large eggs
2 tablespoons crumbled feta cheese
1/4 dried dill
1. Heat a nonstick pan over medium heat.
2. Coat pan with extra virgin olive oil. Add broccoli and cook for 3 minutes.
3. Beat eggs in a small bowl. Add feta and dill and mix.
4. Pour egg mixture into the pan. Cook for 3- 4 minutes. Flip omelette and cook for 2 minutes.
5. Serve with whole grain toast or rye bread

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