These Pictures Show Fundamental Differences Between Trump And Obama


Never in the history of America, I’ve seen a president feeling helpless on leaving the White House and helping the new President-elect to go through a transition of powers. It was clear since the beginning of the election campaigns that Obama doesn’t want a billionaire to become the next American president, especially a man who publically abused other countries and women. We all know how much Barack loves America, and cares for its people, he never looked so dull from his face, as he looked while welcoming Donald Trump at the White House.

It did not even happen when Barack Obama was sworn in as the first African-American president. Media around the world had said that Barack is fit for the presidency, but it’d be hard for him to make firm decisions. However, people fell in love with his diplomacy and made him the two-time President of America. Things have changed now; Barack will have to leave the White House, but it’s becoming hard for him, as he knows he is giving America in the wrong hands.

here is the Fundamental Differences Between Trump & Obama